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Do you think that President Trump has a mental health condition?

It appears to me that our President is mentally unstable in all his ways but I am no Psychiatrist at all.


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10-Mar-17 6:10pmjettles Survey Central Subscriber
I think he has an extreme self esteem problem and character traits but not sure he is DSM diagnosable.
10-Mar-17 6:35pmMaarten
If being extremely extremely narcissistic is a mental health condition, then yes.
10-Mar-17 6:36pmMaarten
Besides that he's just an butt-hole.
11-Mar-17 2:53amCarlHalling
Who hasn't! My own list of minor mental health conditions would be hard to fit on an A4 page. But a major one? That's just alarmism. They're always pinning mental health conditions on world leaders. I don't buy it.
11-Mar-17 2:33pmLJD
11-Mar-17 2:52pmJessicaWoman99
There is something serious wrong with President Trump he is delusional and paranoid for one I think Trump is seeing things or seeing ghosts
12-Mar-17 8:28pmGomezy3k
No but far left wing liberal loons have Trump Derangement Syndrome...
13-Mar-17 8:37amFordGuy
13-Mar-17 5:33pmNitroeddy
No, he's finally what we need in the White House!
15-Mar-17 1:47pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Narcissistic personality disorder, if nothing else.
19-Mar-17 12:31pmsouthernyankee
Anyone who would make the conscious choice to run for the Presidency has at minimum some "mental disorder". But I am assuming you mean beyond the normal profile of someone who would be a POTUS. Yeah, there probably is something not right with him.
(reply to Gomezy3k)
19-Mar-17 12:33pm
You do realize that its possible for BOTH Trump and the far left liberals to BOTH have a mental disorder. Its not an either/or type situation.

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