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What would you think of this kid's reply?

There's a nice, kind and helpful 9 year old kid. She helps other kids with their schoolwork, carrying things, etc. One day a girl falls and hits her head. Helpful girl is nearby but doesn't do anything. Others go to help the girl. Surprised by her lack of helpfulness in this instance, a teacher asks her why she just stood there. She replies "I don't like her."


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4-Jan-17 7:56pmCarlHalling
I'd not think too much other than, kids are more spontaneous and instinctual than adults. Most adults would help irrespective of what they thought of the injured individual, but children do not, cannot think that way. If I was the girl's parent, I might tick her off, but not severely; she's just responding naturally, primitively you might say, but that's the way kids are.
5-Jan-17 5:06amLysannus
I would now believe that this is a normal kid.
Hey at least she didn't laugh.
5-Jan-17 7:04amFordGuy
I would think that the other girl was mean.
5-Jan-17 10:53amgambler Silver Star Survey Creator
That she did not like her?....... i wouldn't really think much as Kids mouths have no filter and at 9 yrs old have yet to understand what tact is
5-Jan-17 11:29amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I would think it's time to talk to that girl about the fact that we don't only help our friends or the people we like.
5-Jan-17 1:10pmbill
Honest yet self-serving and potentially a bad sign or shaky moral footing if she were to continue to think like that.

If I was a teacher or parent, I might try to talk to her about it. Maybe run through some scenarios in which she helps someone she doesn't like or doesn't and what the consequences of that might be in the long run. I wouldn't tell her that she's wrong. I'd probably tell her that it's not uncommon for people to think and behave like that. It's just that it may be better to see it differently.
5-Jan-17 6:16pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
A bit odd for a child of that age, where compassion for others (even enemies) seems common. There could be many reasons. The phrasing/honesty of the response is something that you might see in Aspergers. But there are plenty of other possible reasons.
6-Jan-17 12:36amLJD
The girl needs to learn compassion, but at that age, they don't really understand the gravity of the situation..
7-Jan-17 4:33pmJessicaWoman99
She hates others not a nice girl at all and she just wants attention
(reply to Biggles)
7-Jan-17 10:13pm
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
But there are plenty of other possible reasons.

8-Jan-17 4:08pmGomezy3k
Good for her... One should not do anything you do not want to.
9-Jan-17 4:28pmcerealkiller
Needs mental help.
17-Jan-17 6:52amNitroeddy
It makes sense to me.

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