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Other than Survey Central, what other websites are you a member of?

8A few OTHER sites (specify)
2A dating site
0None--I've only been a member of Survey Central

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3-Jul-17 6:32pmdab
Also some flying and sailing forums, Feedly, and probably a bunch of others.
3-Jul-17 10:52pmElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
I'm on Facebook--it's a great way to reconnect with folks from my past.
I love Amazon--you can buy a lot of stuff that's not even available in your area--and many times for far more cheaper than you can buy them from a local store!
I'm also an editor of Wikipedia and its sister site, Wiktionary--I always loved to write and I always enjoyed proofreading (not that I'm criticizing other writers, I just believe some of the text I've read in books and articles could be written more professionally).
4-Jul-17 7:40amCarlHalling
Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Wikipedia and a good few others, including You Tube, Yahoo, Google +, Netflix. I joined Yahoo in 2001 (Survey Central in 2002), and still have my original password, ah...those days when everything was new on the internet, miss them a lot.
4-Jul-17 8:10pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
I have active accounts with Amazon, YouTube (as a viewer, not a content creator), a couple of other shopping sites, Hotmail, Google, Kongregate, Steam, YouGov (a paid survey/polling site) and a TV paid survey site (pays through entries into a prize draw, but I've just redeemed 20 prize money for stuff in the Steam sale), SparkPeople (calorie counting/nutrition), Feedly, Fitbit (although my Fitbit recently stopped working), a couple of professional sites (like the BMA and GMC), my bank, the Free Postcode Lottery (and associated sites), Urban Dead (a low tech MMORPG) and a forum to help with organisation/maintaining my home. I'm a member of other sites too, but not really an active user of them. The sites I've mentioned are the ones I check at least monthly and in most cases, daily. There are other sites I use as often (especially news sites) but that I don't need to be a member of and sites I'm a member of but rarely or never use (e.g. I haven't logged into Facebook for a very long time).
4-Jul-17 8:13pmbill
way more than a few other sites... I have a password manager that's full of them
4-Jul-17 9:07pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
Nice try Trump.
5-Jul-17 8:23amFordGuy
*Buy from Amazon, support this site*
6-Jul-17 7:17pmJessicaWoman99
Facebook and Twitter hey I can tweet our President
7-Jul-17 9:39ampaulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
Facebook, Twitter (rarely use) Amazon (Rarely use) and a dating site
15-Jul-17 1:42pmJessicaWoman99
I am a member of a Country Club
15-Jul-17 2:15pmJessicaRose
Facebook and Twitter
16-Jul-17 10:06amTeddyMiller
Besides Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and dating site OKCupid, there's Cozi (calendar), Freshdirect and Peapod (grocery delivery), RPGnet (roleplaying game discussion), RPGNow (roleplaying game pdfs), TVTropes (media discussion), and Earthlink (email).
23-Jul-17 7:34pmLJD
Facebook, Amazon

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