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Do you subscribe to People Magazine?

17No, I do not subscribe to People Magazine.
2I used to subscribe to Pepole Magazine, but I no longer subscribe to it.
1What is People Magazine?
0Yes, I subscribe to People Magazine.
0I have something else so share.

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10-Apr-17 3:35pmLJD
10-Apr-17 5:31pmCarlHalling
No; I don't subscribe to any magazine, the only thing I know about People is their famous 'Sexiest Man Alive' feature.
11-Apr-17 5:55amLysannus
Why would I want to read about something that I attempt to avoid.
11-Apr-17 12:09pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
11-Apr-17 2:15pmFordGuy
Abs-so-fudging-loutely NOT.
11-Apr-17 2:58pmbill Bronze Star Survey Creator
I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly which has some association with People, but it's more about reviews of various media (movies, TV, books, music, etc) and less about people (though does often have interviews with actors and such).
13-Apr-17 10:37amLindaH
I don't subscribe to any magazines. Nowadays most of them are a waste of paper.
13-Apr-17 4:39pmJessicaWoman99
16-Apr-17 2:30pmGomezy3k
NO, never have, never will.
22-Apr-17 12:39pmsouthernyankee
No, I am not a retard.

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