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Which of these social media sites do you think will last the longest?

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1-Nov-16 6:58amFordGuy
YouTube for sure.
1-Nov-16 11:15ampaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
Facebook I think
1-Nov-16 2:51pmcerealkiller
Facebook. I've never even been on Pinterest and no clue what it is. Linkedin is just somwhere you collect other people in your field. You don't really talk with them. I get inquiries from headhunters all the time who see my profile so I'd pretty much consider Linkedin a nuisance.
1-Nov-16 3:27pmJessicaWoman99
1-Nov-16 4:21pmWicksy

I'm back 😎
2-Nov-16 7:07amFordGuy
I don't see Facebook lasting forever... People will get sick of it, just like MySpace and the others. Something newer, more intrusive, and dumber will come along, and everyone will flock to it.
2-Nov-16 8:14amCarlHalling
I think it's a tie between Face Book and You Tube. They work well within their respective fields, social networking, video sharing.
(reply to Wicksy)
5-Nov-16 11:03am
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Welcome back smile
(reply to Biggles)
8-Nov-16 2:34pm
11-Dec-16 3:38pmautumnlight
16-Dec-16 12:20amsouthernyankee
Probably facebook. At this point, they're so entrenched in everyday life I doubt that a competitor will take them down anytime soon. Also, they seem to be pretty proactive with adding new features. Youtube might outlast them, maybe. The rest probably won't be around in 30 years.
8-Aug-17 3:19pmJessicaRose
Probably more than likely Facebook will last the longest

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