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What do you regularly hang around your neck?

8A necklace/chain
8I don't regularly hang anything around my neck
2A scarf
2A camera
1A tie
1A choker
1A lanyard
1A stethoscope
0Military dogtags
0A whistle
0Something else
0Other answer

Survey Info

5-Sep-17 12:17pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I always have a necklace on.
5-Sep-17 3:54pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
A stethoscope everyday in work. A scarf if it's cold outside in Winter. I don't do jewellery.
6-Sep-17 6:59amFordGuy
Nothing! smile
(reply to FordGuy)
6-Sep-17 1:44pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Well, that should really have been an option!
6-Sep-17 3:13pmcerealkiller
My chain and medical dogtag. Never take it off.
(reply to FordGuy, Biggles)
6-Sep-17 3:27pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Oh wait, it was. Sheesh. Not being sarky, really forgot I'd included that. It's been a long day...
7-Sep-17 3:00amLysannus
This depends what I am doing. Hiking it will always be a camera. Going out some type of necklace. Work nothing.
7-Sep-17 6:32amCarlHalling
Nothing, I don't wear any jewellery at all, not even a watch. In my time, I've hung a whole assortment of things around my neck, including several chains and medallions, or just chains on their own (there was a large military style cross once too), as well as scarves, bootlace ties, &c.; but that's all in the past, the encumbrance of something dangling there would bother me today. I'm totally spartan in my old age.
7-Sep-17 9:12ambill
10-Sep-17 1:00pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
Necklaces, and a messenger-style laptop bag (if that counts).
10-Sep-17 10:28pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
A scarf in winter. Binoculars sometimes.
(reply to Biggles)
11-Sep-17 8:27am
It's all good! Beer
21-Sep-17 4:46pmRhondaPurdy
My beautiful gold necklace that my husband bought me for our wedding anniversary
21-Sep-17 5:14pmJessicaWoman99
A cross or a necklace
16-Jan-18 1:48pmFauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
A neck tie... and I HATE them.

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