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Do you read Newsweek Magazine?

17No, I do not read Newsweek Magazine.
1Yes I read Newsweek Magazine.
1I used to read Newsweek Magazine but I don't anymore.
1I have something else to share.
0I never heard of Newsweek Magazine.

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12-May-17 12:34pmjettles Survey Central Subscriber
Only if it is offered in a physician's office that I have an appt. with.
12-May-17 1:26pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
13-May-17 6:58amCarlHalling
No, I have read it I'm sure, but not regularly.
15-May-17 2:31amLJD
16-May-17 1:37pmJessicaWoman99
No I do not read this
21-May-17 2:26pmZang
Probably haven't read one since the 1970s. Not something I ever read habitually.
26-Jun-17 7:06pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
23-Jul-17 3:00pmJessicaRose
5-Aug-17 3:01pmLysannus
Nope. By the time the news is printed it is old.

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