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Do you read the magazine Sports Illuastrated?

18No, I do not read the magazine Sports Illuatrated.
2I used to read the magazine Sports Illustrated, but I don't anymore.
0Yes I read the magazine Sports Illustrated.
0I never heard of the magazine Sports Illuatrated.
0I have something else to share.

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12-May-17 1:26pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
12-May-17 2:47pmcerealkiller
No. I have nothing to do with any sports.
13-May-17 6:59amCarlHalling
No, I've never read a sports magazine on a regular basis.
13-May-17 8:32ambill
I mostly avoid sports in general.
15-May-17 2:31amLJD
16-May-17 1:37pmJessicaWoman99
No not into this
21-May-17 2:25pmZang
I don't believe I have ever picked one up or looked inside. I'm certainly aware of their existence.
26-Jun-17 7:06pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
These spelling errors are blinding.
18-Jul-17 5:08pmJessicaRose
No but my husband he reads these
5-Aug-17 3:00pmLysannus
Nope never. I suppose if I had a hard time getting to sleep it would be useful then.

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