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Name a famous statue.


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11-Apr-17 9:32pmpaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
Statue of LIberty
11-Apr-17 9:52pmdab
12-Apr-17 8:02amLysannus
12-Apr-17 8:27amFordGuy
Big Butter Jesus. Before "God" burned it to the ground with lightning.
12-Apr-17 11:47ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
The Thinker
12-Apr-17 12:00pmTeddyMiller
Statue of Liberty.
12-Apr-17 4:50pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
The colossus of Rhodes.
13-Apr-17 4:32pmJessicaWoman99
Statue of Liberty in New York city
13-Apr-17 4:34pmJessicaWoman99
The Lincoln Memorial Abraham Lincoln I have been here as a child with my mom and dad brother and sisters
16-Apr-17 7:52amBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Rodin's The Thinker.
16-Apr-17 2:35pmGomezy3k
General Jubilation T. Cornpone
17-Apr-17 8:07amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial
18-Apr-17 3:19pmJessicaWoman99
Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King
19-Apr-17 8:12ampcasper59
21-Apr-17 9:47amNitroeddy
The Statue of Liberty
22-Apr-17 1:41amsouthernyankee
26-Apr-17 11:58pmLindaH
The Captain Cook monument. Famous in Anchorage, anyway.
21-May-17 6:24pmZang
Venus de Milo

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