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Name a famous relic.


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11-Apr-17 9:52pmdab
The holy grail.
12-Apr-17 6:26amCarlHalling
Me! Oh wait, I'm not famous, OK, the 'Mary Rose' ship, I can remember visiting it back in the '80s when they'd just raised it from the deep.
12-Apr-17 8:02amLysannus
Me. Oh it said famous so I guess not. How about 'The Shroud of Truin'
12-Apr-17 8:24amFordGuy
General Motors.
12-Apr-17 11:48ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
Holy Grail
(reply to FordGuy)
12-Apr-17 11:48am
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
ouch, lol
12-Apr-17 4:14pmLindaH
Keith Richards
12-Apr-17 4:51pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Jeff Sessions.
13-Apr-17 4:30pmJessicaWoman99
The White House in Washington D.C.
16-Apr-17 2:02pmGomezy3k
Nancy Pelosi
17-Apr-17 8:06amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
the shroud of Turin
20-Apr-17 2:55pmJessicaWoman99
President Donald Trump
21-Apr-17 9:39amNitroeddy
The Sphinx.
(reply to LindaH)
21-Apr-17 9:40am
Ha ha! I love this!
21-Apr-17 7:06pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Prince Philip
22-Apr-17 12:38pmsouthernyankee
The one from Indiana Jones.
25-Apr-17 3:52pmJessicaWoman99
The Titanic it went down
(reply to Nitroeddy)
26-Apr-17 11:57pm
I actually like Keith Richards. He jokes in ways like this about his own self, so the answer was obvious.
21-May-17 6:26pmZang
Shroud of Turin

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