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Name a famous invention.


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11-Apr-17 9:32pmpaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
The telephone
11-Apr-17 9:53pmdab
The cotton 'gin.
12-Apr-17 8:05amLysannus
12-Apr-17 8:37amFordGuy
image [full]
12-Apr-17 11:45ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
sliced bread
12-Apr-17 11:59amTeddyMiller
Light Bulb
12-Apr-17 3:47pmcerealkiller
12-Apr-17 4:48pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
The wheel.
12-Apr-17 9:05pmsouthernyankee
The Ironclad. Sorry, played Civ 2 a bit too much. That was my favorite unit to use.
12-Apr-17 9:08pmStrider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
The light bulb
13-Apr-17 4:37pmJessicaWoman99
Eli Whitney the cotton gin
14-Apr-17 2:08amLJD
There are so many. Sewer systems, water systems, toilet paper, light bulb/electricity, automobile, telephone...too many to name.
16-Apr-17 2:25pmGomezy3k
17-Apr-17 8:09amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
the internets!!!!
19-Apr-17 8:10ampcasper59
light bulb
21-Apr-17 9:43amNitroeddy
The electric light
21-Apr-17 7:04pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Printing press.
22-Apr-17 9:10ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
Oh, I was just reminded of the Four Great Inventions "from ancient China that are celebrated in Chinese culture for their historical significance and as symbols of ancient China's advanced science and technology": Compass, Gunpowder, Papermaking, and Printing.
21-May-17 6:28pmZang
26-Jun-17 7:29pmthey Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
The cotton gin, of course.

I wonder if non-American children have this drilled into them. WHO among us does not know the inventor of the cotton gin?
(reply to they)
27-Jun-17 3:54pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Certainly not something I was ever taught.
(reply to Biggles)
27-Jun-17 8:26pm
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
I didn't think so.

But it is a pretty handy thing. When I lived in NC, I was surrounded by fields of cotton. I still have the first and only piece of cotton that I ever picked. The seeds are still embedded so deeply in that hunk of cotton that I can't even see them.

Have you ever seen the movie Places in the Heart? That's a good cotton picking movie.
(reply to they)
3-Jul-17 2:57pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
It was processing rather than picking this side of the pond. Lots of cotton mills in the North of England, especially Lancashire.
25-Jul-17 2:14pmJessicaRose
The telephone

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