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Name a famous glove.


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11-Apr-17 9:53pmdab
OJ's glove
12-Apr-17 6:25amCarlHalling
Michael Jackson's single silver glove. Ow!
12-Apr-17 8:03amLysannus 8 year anniversary at Survey Central today!
12-Apr-17 8:29amFordGuy Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
image [full]
12-Apr-17 11:44ambill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
image [full]
12-Apr-17 3:47pmcerealkiller Survey Qualifier
Michael Jackson's glove
12-Apr-17 4:49pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
The one against which all fits are measured.
12-Apr-17 8:21pmLJD
16-Apr-17 7:51amBiggles Survey Qualifier
16-Apr-17 2:04pmGomezy3k
19-Apr-17 8:09ampcasper59
mechanix gloves
22-Apr-17 1:41amsouthernyankee
21-May-17 6:23pmZang
I think you've got me stumped with that one.
26-Jun-17 7:27pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
29-Jul-17 5:16pmJessicaRose New User
The white glove

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