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Name a famous fast food restaurant.


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26-Sep-17 5:37amCarlHalling
Wimpy; there was a time, it was the most visible fast food restaurant in the UK I'd say; which meant kids, like me, loved it, even though I suspect my parents weren't so keen. I was eating there as recently as the 1980s, although today, there are only 80 Wimpy restaurants in the UK.
26-Sep-17 7:10amFordGuy
Arf & Barf
26-Sep-17 10:17ampaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
Burger King
26-Sep-17 1:29pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
26-Sep-17 3:10pmTeddyMiller
26-Sep-17 9:14pmdab
Burger King
27-Sep-17 2:55pmcerealkiller
27-Sep-17 8:02pmthey Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
White Castle.

Kind of like the way that people sometimes pronounce Target like it's french, people here sometimes say Whitey Cassell's instead.
29-Sep-17 2:58amLysannus
Taco Bell
Burger King
3-Oct-17 1:18amStrider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to they)
4-Oct-17 9:06pm
I say Target on the nicer side of town that French sounding way. I call the Target on the 'iffy' side of town "Targhetto"
5-Oct-17 2:07amkayemmdee
The obvious response is the one with the golden arches, so I'll say Jersey Mike's Subs instead.
(reply to LindaH)
7-Oct-17 8:41am
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
We have a 'Ghetto Kroger' and a 'Ghetto Walmart'. grin
14-Oct-17 1:59pmJessicaRose
McDonald's my favorite

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