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Name a famous cow.


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13-Jun-17 2:22pmJessicaWoman99
California cows
13-Jun-17 2:54pmdab
13-Jun-17 3:07pmpaulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
Elsie the cow
13-Jun-17 3:57pmcerealkiller
Mrs. O'Leary's cow
13-Jun-17 5:37pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
The cows from The Far Side cartoons.
14-Jun-17 9:55amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
14-Jun-17 1:19pmbill
image [full]
15-Jun-17 3:02pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
La Vache qui Rit
16-Jun-17 1:23pmLJD
19-Jun-17 2:30pmpcasper59
Eleanor from Green Acres
20-Jun-17 7:37amCarlHalling
'Poor Cow'
26-Jun-17 6:57pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
When I was a kid, there was this giant cow that appeared at different gas stations for 50-100 miles around. It was for some brand of dairy - maybe Traut or Borden's. Maybe there were many cows, but to us kids - it was one cow that just moved around from place to place. She had a tow hitch so that she could be hauled around, and a giant hole in her belly. We could climb up under the cow and stick our heads inside the cavernous cow belly. That cow was awesome.
26-Jun-17 6:57pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
*rates good for famous cows*
(reply to pcasper59)
26-Jun-17 6:58pm
they Survey Central Subscriber
I have not watched much Green Acres, but that is a lovely name for a cow.
15-Jul-17 4:59pmJessicaRose
Milly the cow
5-Aug-17 2:49pmLysannus
The one my SO has after I do something wrong.

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