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Name a famous brand of wine.


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17-Mar-17 12:49pmpaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
Sutter Home
17-Mar-17 12:59pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Chateau Lafitte.
17-Mar-17 1:11pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
I could name types, e.g. merlot, cabernet, but I have no idea about brands. Blossom Hill? Is that a thing?
17-Mar-17 7:08pmLJD
I wouldn't know one from the other....I rarely have wine, maybe once in 5 years, haven't had hard alcohol in many, many years.
18-Mar-17 1:46pmTeddyMiller
18-Mar-17 5:12pmJessicaWoman99
The Donald Trump brand of wine whatever that is?
19-Mar-17 7:00amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
Rodney Strong
20-Mar-17 7:09amLysannus
Hazlitt (makes my favorite 'Red Schooner')
Galileo (not one I would drink)

There is a whole lot of them around NY finger lakes. A great trip is to do a wine tasting run with 100's of small wineries to sample.
(Best have a designated driver as one can get a bit tipsy)
21-Mar-17 4:56amCarlHalling
Buckfast tonic wine, fortified with caffeine, and widely known as Buckie.
21-Mar-17 10:19ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
Opus One
22-Mar-17 7:19pmcerealkiller
Kendall Jackson

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