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How many cans of tuna is too many?

A person who lives alone and eats a can of tuna about 1-2 times per week, likes to buy tuna when it's on sale. At what point would it seem like they have too many cans of tuna in their house and should not buy more tuna even if there's a really excellent tuna sale?

4Less than 5 cans of tuna.
55-10 cans of tuna
211-20 cans of tuna
121-40 cans of tuna
241-70 cans of tuna
171-100 cans of tuna
1100 or more cans of tuna
1There can never been too many cans of tuna!

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4-Jan-17 6:32amCarlHalling
It depends on how a person views things, and whether they tend to prepare for the future, or prefer to exist spontaneously. If it was me, I'd only buy for one week at most, so less than five cans. I only very rarely bulk buy, and then only if I'm suffering severe financial difficulties.
4-Jan-17 6:44amFordGuy
4-Jan-17 7:27amRainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
I'd say 50-ish cans are too many.
Tuna is often sold in packs of 24 cans here. Having 2 of those (so 48 cans) seems like a reasonable amount to have around.
4-Jan-17 8:23amLysannus
If there is a great sale on it buy more otherwise I would say around 10-15 is a good number.
5-Jan-17 10:54amgambler Silver Star Survey Creator
11-20 is too much IMHO... at best that is 7-10 weeks supply /// but its canned goods so *shrugs*
5-Jan-17 11:31amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I think having more than 10 cans of pretty much any single thing seems weird.
5-Jan-17 2:30pmbill
My dad used to do this. He was very focused on coupons and sales and getting a good price for groceries. He was good at knowing the prices of many food items and thus he knew when it was a good deal. He saved a lot of money as far as I know. He spent a lot of time on it, reading many flyers and shopping at multiple stores each week. For some items, if the price went below a certain amount, he'd buy extra, even if he already had some already. Tuna was like that in particular. I forget the highest amount he had, but it was at least 30, maybe 50 cans. We used to tease him about it. Storing it becomes a problem.

Over time, he ate tuna less and did stop buying it as far as I know. I asked him why he stopped. He said it was because celery had gotten more expensive which discouraged him from buying it. He always made tuna with mayo and celery. He passes away a couple years ago. There wasn't much tuna in the house in the end.
5-Jan-17 3:00pmFordGuy
Was your dad a piano tuna?
(reply to bill)
5-Jan-17 3:38pm
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
The tuna that was left was probably bought when the celery was on sale.
5-Jan-17 6:21pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
It depends on their storage space really. If they have plenty of space and the use-by-dates allow, then a year's supply doesn't seem too ridiculous to have. I do think it would be rude to buy that many in one go though - it's not polite to clear the shelf of a really good deal and prevent others from getting any share of it. But if the deal ran for a few weeks and you could buy a few tins every time you visit the shop, then why not? However, if the tuna was regularly on a really good discount, then buying in huge bulk would seem silly - might as well just buy enough to tide you over to the next sale.
6-Jan-17 12:31amLJD
50 to 70 cans
6-Jan-17 2:06pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
Bill's dad's window...

image [full]
7-Jan-17 4:36pmJessicaWoman99
Less than 5 cans how about 3-4 cans is plenty and you can get free tuna at your food pantry
8-Jan-17 4:05pmGomezy3k
1 can is way to many... My wife loves the crap... I hate anything that tastes like fish.
10-Jan-17 1:22amZang
Assuming they come in cases of 12 and 6 cases would be about a year's worth... 72 cans.

A more important consideration might be: Is this the only thing that they buy like this and how much storage space do they have in their pantry?

Personally, I would think 12 was plenty, but we do stock up on canned soup, tomato paste and a few other items.
10-Jan-17 5:32pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
I wonder if it would be a good idea to stockpile a bunch of canned and dry food in case of an emergency

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