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Which of these make you feel greatest? Part 1

Pick no more than 3

12Having time to yourself
9Laughing so hard it hurts
8Sleeping in a freshly made bed
6Feeling the sun on your face
6Finding money unexpectedly
6Snuggling on the sofa
6Doing something for others
5Feeling clean after a shower
4A random act of kindness from a stranger
2Other comment: please state
0Not sure
0I don't feel great doing any of them

Survey Info

23-Nov-16 12:22pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Sleeping in a freshly made bed, having time to myself, and laughing so hard it hurts.
23-Nov-16 2:58pmcerealkiller
Don't really know what it's like to laugh so hard it hurts. Don't recall when I last laughed either. Not much to laugh about in life.
24-Nov-16 7:52amCarlHalling
I'm going to go with feeling clean after a shower; all the others are great, but spending a day without showering, I'd just feel ghastly.
26-Nov-16 5:12pmJessicaWoman99
I would say all of these for me I do volunteer every week I love a fresh clean bed changing my dirty sheets and sleeping on a clean bed feels so nice ah
27-Nov-16 1:43pmNitroeddy
A hot bath!
27-Nov-16 8:07pmGomezy3k
Finding money
28-Nov-16 5:16amLysannus
Snuggling on the sofa and having any amount of time to myself
1-Jan-17 1:29amLJD
Clean bed, a warm shower
8-Aug-17 3:21pmJessicaRose
Sleeping in a fresh clean bad feels so nice

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