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Do you like to put all your cards on the table?


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6-Jan-17 12:28pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
Not generally. Only if there's something a person should know. When it's nobody's business, then no. With some activities, my motives and intentions being hidden is actually what makes it work.
6-Jan-17 12:33pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
No, but sometimes I forget and do it anyway.
6-Jan-17 6:29pmpaulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
What for?
6-Jan-17 8:04pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
It depends on the situation. In my personal life, I think I tend to hold my cards pretty close to my chest. In my professional life, it's very important that I lay all my cards on the table. A big part of my job is ensuring that people have realistic expectations of what is achievable and appropriate. It can be very damaging to suggest that the hand that a patient or their relatives is about to be dealt is better than it actually is.
7-Jan-17 4:28pmJessicaWoman99
Yes everything on the kitchen table looks like my Office
7-Jan-17 4:29pmJessicaWoman99
Or draw the line?
8-Jan-17 1:00amLJD
Sometimes, it's just better to hold thy tongue
8-Jan-17 4:04pmGomezy3k
No I keep some up my sleeves and other hiding places.
9-Jan-17 6:18amLysannus
No. Always hold some in reserve.
9-Jan-17 8:42amFordGuy
When I have a winning hand, yes.

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