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Do you like homemade bread?

14Yes I like homemade bread.
1I have something else to share.
0No I do not like homemade bread.
0I do not eat bread.
0I used to like homemade bread, but I don't anymore.

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26-Sep-17 12:38pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
26-Sep-17 1:30pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
It's the best kind smile I occasionally make my own (mostly sourdough) but not as often as I'd like.
29-Sep-17 3:01amLysannus
Yes very much so. It so delicious to eat warm and makes the house smell good.
5-Oct-17 2:06amkayemmdee
I started making my own bread when I was 20 and had to knead it completely by hand. Now I do most of the kneading with a stand mixer. I've probably make thousands of loaves of bread in my lifetime.
7-Oct-17 9:40pmGomezy3k
Nothing better than hot fresh home made bread and home made butter.

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