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Do you like to eat T-Bone Steak?

9Yes I like to eat T-Bone Steak
2I do not eat meat.
1No, I do not like to eat T-Bone Steak
1What is T-Bone Streak?
0I no longer like to eat T-Bone Steak
0I have something else to share.

Survey Info

26-Sep-17 12:38pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Sure, though I don't do it often.
29-Sep-17 3:00amLysannus
They are good, unfortunately steak is sooo expensive.
(reply to Lysannus)
29-Sep-17 9:24am
We have a local butcher that has some pretty good sales, we always stock up.
7-Oct-17 9:39pmGomezy3k
Any kind of steak...yummo!!

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