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Do you like to eat New York Strip steak?

9Yes, I like to eat New York Strip Steak.
3What is New York Strip Steak?
2No, I do not like to eat New York Strip Steak.
0I do not eat meat.
0I have something else to share.

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23-Sep-17 9:19amBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Never heard of it before. My experience of steak amounts to a single tiny forkful when I was 8 or 9. We mostly ate cheap and nasty meat when I was growing up, which probably contributed significantly to me becoming a vegetarian when I was twelve or thirteen.
23-Sep-17 10:17amRainingFeathers
Nope, not a very vegetarian-friendly meal :)
23-Sep-17 1:35pmJessicaRose
23-Sep-17 7:43pmdab
Especially covered in peppercorns.
24-Sep-17 8:02ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
Not a big fan of steak, but will eat it sometimes.
25-Sep-17 11:04amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
26-Sep-17 3:08amLysannus
No. Never cared for it. Most other types of steaks I love to eat.
7-Oct-17 8:57pmGomezy3k
Oh heck yeah... Love steak of any kind.
31-Oct-17 9:08amCarlHalling
I've never had it, I'm not a vegetarian, but only eat meat if it's prepared for me, once in a blue moon. I always default to vegetarian.

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