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Do you like to eat chicken nuggets?

9Yes, I like to eat chicken nuggets.
5No, I don't like to eat chicken nuggets.
1What are chicken nuggets?
1I have something else to share.
0I used to like chicken nuggets, but I don't anymore.

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21-Sep-17 8:14amCarlHalling
Not too long ago, I used to buy them as a cold ready to eat snack, but I've not had them for some time, but in general, yes.
21-Sep-17 1:21pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
No, I'm vegetarian. Occasionally I buy the Quorn ones, but they are only just okay - it's the kind of thing I buy for night shifts as something quick that can go in the oven.
21-Sep-17 3:12pmcerealkiller
Yes, but only with ranch dressing to dip them in.
21-Sep-17 4:42pmRhondaPurdy
Yes we love chicken nuggets
21-Sep-17 5:14pmRainingFeathers
No, but I do like eating veggie nuggets (soy substitute that's supposed to taste like chicken nuggets but really doesn't)
22-Sep-17 10:46amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Yes, though not from fast-food restaurants generally.
22-Sep-17 2:04pmLysannus
Only if they are solid meat ones (most call these tenders) and not the ground up reformed ones.
23-Sep-17 2:19pmJessicaRose
Chicken nuggets at McDonalds are good and yummy
24-Sep-17 8:03ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
Not particularly.
5-Oct-17 2:09amkayemmdee
They're revolting -- too much "other stuff" and not enough chicken. Way too high in fat and calories for the amount of food, too.
7-Oct-17 8:56pmGomezy3k
Not really

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