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Do you like to eat carrot cake?

13Yes, I like to eat carrot cake.
3No, I do not like to eat carrot cake.
1What is carrot cake?
1I have somethng else to share.
0I used to like to eat carrot cake, but I don't anymore.

Survey Info

21-Sep-17 8:13amCarlHalling
I've not eaten too much of it, but yes, very much, it's delicious as I recall.
21-Sep-17 1:21pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Thanks. Now I want carrot cake frown
21-Sep-17 3:13pmcerealkiller
Yuck, no way
21-Sep-17 4:51pmRhondaPurdy
Yes my kids love carrot cake and so do I
22-Sep-17 10:47amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
If it is the only kind of cake around, then sure. Cake is cake. If there's another option, though, I'm unlikely to pick the carrot.
22-Sep-17 2:05pmLysannus
Not particularly
5-Oct-17 2:08amkayemmdee
Carrot cake is great by itself but it's also great as a vehicle for eating cream cheese frosting.
7-Oct-17 8:56pmGomezy3k
Yes but I am not crazy about it.

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