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Do you judge other people by their appearance?


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10-Apr-17 8:06ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
Also, by the cut of their jib.
10-Apr-17 8:50ampaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
10-Apr-17 11:37amFordGuy
Absolutely. And I'm very harsh. Beer
10-Apr-17 12:50pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
To some extent, yes. It's useful in terms of forming a first impression. I don't assume it tells me everything about the person, but it can provide clues about what the person might be like. People generally choose to present themselves with a particular appearance that conveys something about themselves--even if what they are saying is "My clothes and appearance don't really mean that much."
10-Apr-17 2:59pmCarlHalling
To an extent, of course, as in 'assess' (we all do); but not deeply 'judge', as in 'condemn', no.
10-Apr-17 3:14pmcerealkiller
Hah, my wife is all about judging people by their nationality, what they wear, their hair, etc. Drives me crazy with her judging of everyone on the TV.
10-Apr-17 3:33pmLJD

Having good Character is so important.
11-Apr-17 6:05amLysannus
Let's say I try not to. I try to give everyone a fair shake.
Sometimes it is hard when they come up to you and smell like 6 week old garbage or like they just smoked a carton if cigs.
Judgement occurs (sloven miscreant) and I want nothing to do with them and get away as quick as possible.
11-Apr-17 2:58pmJessicaWoman99
Yes I judge others based on what they are wearing and how they dress
13-Apr-17 10:36amLindaH
Yes but not completely. It's usually the first thing to go on, though.
16-Apr-17 8:02amBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
To some extent, yes. 'Judge' isn't quite the right word perhaps... maybe 'evaluate'? (Of course, sometimes I judge as well)
16-Apr-17 2:29pmGomezy3k
21-May-17 6:34pmZang
I try really hard not to, but sometimes it is really difficult.
22-May-17 9:33pmsouthernyankee
Yes, probably. At the very minimum I am sure I do it subconsciously. On a rare, extreme, case I do it consciously.
26-Jun-17 7:40pmthey Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
I prefer to call it profiling.

I generally do not treat people differently because of their appearance.
22-Jul-17 5:35pmJessicaRose

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