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Are you having an identity crisis?


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6-Sep-17 1:01pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
6-Sep-17 2:09pmTeddyMiller
I had a midlife crisis back about nine years ago, when I bought a house and lived with a woman with a pre-teen daughter.
7-Sep-17 2:57amLysannus
Me? Never I always know who I am. I am that hot babe that ... oh wait ... maybe I am that gal in the red Viper.
<Looks in mirror> Oh well can't argue with that a middle aged, portly lady, going gray. <sigh>
7-Sep-17 6:35amCarlHalling
Not too much, I've always been quite self-sufficient, although there are a good few things I'm working to change about my situation.
7-Sep-17 9:08ambill
I guess so.
(reply to bill)
7-Sep-17 6:00pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Are you okay?
(reply to Biggles)
8-Sep-17 7:55am
Sure. Sorry, didn't mean to alarm anyone. I just looked it up ("a period of uncertainty and confusion in which a person's sense of identity becomes insecure, typically due to a change in their expected aims or role in society."). That more or less fits where I'm at these days. It's nothing new. "Crisis" seems too strong a word, but I'm uncertain what to do with myself or where I fit in. The website work I've been doing is fading (there's less motivation/desire to work on it; I'm mostly just maintaining it as it declines slowly). Some health issues limit me to some degree. I've been feeling like I should do something else, but I'm unsure what. It's not bad, more like semi-retirement (a kind of "crisis", I guess). My financial situation seems good, so I'm not under pressure to find work. But, what do I do then? I'm not sure. I've been doing some gardening. smile
(reply to bill)
8-Sep-17 11:45am
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
Is gametz declining like sc has been?
(reply to LindaH)
8-Sep-17 2:10pm
8-Sep-17 10:57pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
No, but I am very close to someone who is.
(reply to bill)
9-Sep-17 5:36am
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
I miss the old internet, with forum-based communities at its heart. Why can't things just stay the same? smile

It's good that your financial situation is okay. I imagine that gives you time to take stock and work out what you really want to do. Having a goal is always helpful though, even if it's not a "fun" goal. I seem to have always had something I'm aiming for since I was 14 or so and as miserable as those goals have sometimes made me (my hopefully soon-to-be-behind-me stint of post-graduate membership of the royal college of physicians exams being a case in point) it's helped me to keep moving forwards. My younger brother has been much more aimless and much unhappier because of it, despite appearing to have a much easier life on the surface, so I can certainly understand how your current situation fits the criteria for an identity crisis.

Maybe it's time to write that novel? Or ride the transiberian railway? Or open a cat cafe? Or run for public office? Hmm, bill for President sounds good grin
16-Sep-17 5:23pmJessicaRose
21-Sep-17 4:43pmRhondaPurdy
21-Sep-17 5:08pmJessicaWoman99
No I am not never ever but I am Hillary Clinton and I am Barbara
7-Oct-17 9:42pmGomezy3k
But first I need an Identity...

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