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Hey - wait! I Invented That!

Have you ever "thought up" something that somebody else successfully marketed?

5Yes, and here's the product I invented before "they" marketed it:
2I'm not sure.
7No, I haven't invented anything.
2Apparently, this survey creator isn't inventive enough to cover my answer [OTHER:]

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20-Jun-17 3:14pmJessicaWoman99
21-Jun-17 8:09amFordGuy
So wait, let me get this straight, They is stealing all of our ideas and profiting from it?
21-Jun-17 8:11amCarlHalling
Long long ago now, a girl friend and I thought of a comedy sketch, and I was later amazed to see it turn up on TV, I mean, identical to our idea, although it may have been coincidental, and if so, what a coincidence!
21-Jun-17 1:41pmTeddyMiller
I was in the middle of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction in which Buffy is transformed into a dog, when they aired an episode in which Buffy is transformed into a rat.
24-Jun-17 12:59pmsouthernyankee
I had an idea for a spinning driveway. If you park, it could spin around that way you would never have to worry about backing in your driveway. Then I forgot about it, and years later I saw an episode (Modern Family?) where they had the very same thing.
27-Jun-17 1:28pmJessicaWoman99
A flying saucer to scare the crap out of people the Martians are coming run for your life
15-Jul-17 2:18pmJessicaRose
No inventions for me

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