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Eyes On the Hands: If you wake during the night, do you look to see what time it is?

9Yes, all the time.
7Yes, sometimes.
0I'm not sure.
1No. If I wake during the night, I simply go back to sleep.
0I don't ever wake until my alarm sounds.
1Wake up, creator - my option isn't here [OTHER]:

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29-Jul-17 9:03pmdab
If I need to get up at some time, then I look to see what time it is. Otherwise I just go back to sleep.
29-Jul-17 9:07pmpaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
Yes I need to know what time it is, that way I know how many hours I have left to sleep before the alarm goes off to wake me up.
30-Jul-17 5:06amCarlHalling
Yes, this happens if I am due to wake for an appointment or something.
30-Jul-17 8:04amBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Most of the time if I wake up enough to actually be aware that I'm awake, then I will look at the time. Very occasionally, if I think it's almost time my alarm is due to go off, I won't look to give me a better chance of dozing off again for a few minutes.
31-Jul-17 2:13pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
No, I deliberately try to avoid it because it generally gives me anxiety, especially if I'm having trouble falling back asleep (which happens often).
1-Aug-17 3:20pmJessicaWoman99
Yes sometimes
5-Aug-17 12:49pmLJD
7-Aug-17 12:37amLindaH
Usually, but it just makes insomnia worse
8-Aug-17 3:15pmJessicaRose
Yes I have to check to see what time it is
(reply to paulyw)
17-Aug-17 12:22am
Me, too.
(reply to Biggles)
17-Aug-17 12:24am
Ha, I do the same.

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