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Did you ever get a lickin' (spanking) with a strap when you were a kid?

My dad gave us the strap when we were kids. Actually it was just his belt but always referred to as "the strap" to make it sound more menacing. It was - it really stung esp when your pants were lowered.


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10-Nov-08 1:35pmLiss
Nope. I've been hit by a parent though (as in, not a smack or a slap, and it was in the face).
10-Nov-08 1:39pmGalomorro
No, just hands or a "switch" from a plant branch.
10-Nov-08 2:08pmbill
I don't recall... it was mostly just the threat of it that I recall. I was also a little angel as a kid (or so they thought), so I almost never got in trouble. My brother probably got spanked a lot though. HA HA!
10-Nov-08 4:22pmCrayons
Naw, luckily this sort of thing was illegal by the time I was around.
10-Nov-08 4:31pmLJD
I somehow recall a swat, or threat of a swat when young. I know I spanked my children.
10-Nov-08 4:35pmLJD
In my earlier days, children were respectful of their elders. We would NEVER think of being disrespectful. Generally, men treated women with respect, treated them as ladies, and women were more respectful of men. It's a terrible shame that the enemy came on the scene, and caused a big divide.
10-Nov-08 4:44pmkirst
No, not with a strap.
10-Nov-08 4:58pmmeowry
Yes. Mine was the same experience(s).
10-Nov-08 6:03pmcerealkiller
Only been spanked once in my whole life. When I beat a kid on the head with a toy gun (remember in those days toys were metal, not plastic).
10-Nov-08 8:21pmjettles Survey Central Subscriber
11-Nov-08 12:08amBilateralkitty
Anyone who would hit a kid with a strap or any other object needs to be arrested for child abuse. This is yet another carry-over from the era of dysfunctional christianity inspired child-rearing which has produced even more dysfunctional adults.
11-Nov-08 6:08amIrene007
Never... A couple of smacks with a wooden spoon is all I remember.
11-Nov-08 7:42amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
No. My mother spanked us with her hand occasionally. I'm not sure my dad ever did, though.
11-Nov-08 10:24amCain
Nah. My dad gave me a slap a couple of times, but never with anything other than his hand.
(reply to LJD)
11-Nov-08 4:46pm
The enemy?
11-Nov-08 7:50pmcloudhugger
Uh, yeah.. I was in therapy for years. It was not me being naughty, it was for my mother to release her anger.
(reply to Wicksy)
11-Nov-08 9:31pm
The enemy are those that have infiltrated all of our institutions in this country, trying to destroy them. One being the family. One being marriage. Respecting elders. The foundational roots of the country. The list goes on.... Satan's demons have been working especially hard in the last 50 years.
12-Nov-08 7:05amLoriJanine
I think people who spank for every minor infraction must be too stupid to know how to sit down and actually talk to their kid. Those kinds of people shouldn't have kids. Spanking with straps or other objects is totally unnecessary.
12-Nov-08 7:17amthey Survey Central Subscriber
A few people I know got hit with belts, curtain rods, and those flappy race track pieces.

I am pretty sure I got spanked once, but I can't say for sure. I must have been very small, because I remember only sitting in my room waiting for it -- considering ways to pad my bottom without being caught.
(reply to LJD)
12-Nov-08 3:01pm
You think Satan actually exists?
(reply to Wicksy)
12-Nov-08 8:12pm
12-Nov-08 10:59pmllamamama
Um, I don't think ever with a belt..A hand, and only once at a time..I do know I have a ruler thing that says "Kelly's fanny wacker'' on it, but I dunno if it was actually ever used..that was too long ago.
I think spanking is ok (although I couldn't say if I would ever do it or not) as long as it's used sparingly and not for every little thing..I think it should be used kind of like a car horn (when the car horn is used correctly), when the child is in danger and isn't listening when you tell them to get out of the way..Or maybe I'm rambling..I don't think spanking is abuse unless you do it all the time..all the time..
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12-Nov-08 11:55pmJoanne
Once in Grade 3 by the teacher. Two straps, one on each hand. I didn't cry. My folks never hit us, but my mom had a wooden spoon hanging on the wall that had a bear and a deer on it and read "For the cute little dear with the bare behind". She'd smack the table with it to make her point, but never us.
13-Nov-08 1:10pmgambler Silver Star Survey Creator
Once or twice
14-Nov-08 2:36pmMatty
Yes, but not very often. Whe I got the belt, it was for something really bad. My mother, however, hit us with wooden spoons pretty frequently, but it wasn't really a spanking...more like a quick stinging reminder.
15-Nov-08 2:05amdocgbrown
Yes but not by my parents; the strap was used by my girl friend's mother
15-Nov-08 4:50pmOtter
Yes, my dad had a razor strap he used to beat us with. My step mother used a broom handle on me once, I blocked it and broke it and put fear in her.
8-Jan-09 1:36ammj
Yes, when I was young my dad would spank me over his knee with his hand on my bare bottom. He would just pull my pants down. When I reached puberty around 14 yrs and started to grow pubic hair , things changed, I was usually spanked at the end of the day. Told to go to my room and get undressed to my underwear. As a teenager he used a strap on me. He would come to my room, tell me to turn around and then pull my underwear down and have me step out of them. Naked, he would have me bend over the bed or lay on my stomach on the bed. Usually 5-10 good hard straps to my butt. It hurt and I usually cried but when he was done he always gave me a hug, explained why I was whipped and told me to get into bed. I always deserved it and the last time I got the strap I was 19. I didn't mind him seeing me naked as I often saw him nude. Sometime when I was whipped it was late and he was just wearing his pajama bottoms. He was a good dad and I loved him. Comments or more detail to
11-Jan-09 10:56ampcasper59
Yes.. we were spanked with the belt as well growing up!! It was very common then and yes it did work well as discipline!
20-Jan-09 7:03pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
No. I was smacked with a hand a few times, but my parents regret doing it and had stopped using it as a form of punishment by the time my younger brother was old enough to really be disciplined.
(reply to Tripper)
3-Apr-09 1:31pm
I had many lickin's with a belt! If I was bad I could expect to have a sore Butt from the dreaded strap!
2-May-09 2:04pmmeowry
Yes. We were being bad, we were spanked. Children these days are coddled. Part of the reason is that GOOD parents are afraid of getting in trouble.
9-Jul-09 10:56pmAri
My (adopted) Dad gave me a smack (ALWAYS BARE BOTTOM)! but he also had another way of giving me a VERY sore bottom when i needed one!. He would lay me across his lap or a chair and with a small sheet of sandpaper rubbed my bottom, HARD, for about 20-30 seconds, it didn't hurt much as he did it but after a few minutes it literally felt like my bottom was on fire!-VERY sore!. Then i was stood in a corner, hands on my head-bottom on fire!...oh the pain!!..i can still remember it!. I was crying with my poor, bleeding, red raw little scorched bottom waving about trying to cool it down-never worked!. Then after half an hour Dad offered cream (which was VERY embarrassing-having to poke your bare bottom out while you Dad gives it a good old rub with cream)! but i didn't think of saying no-ANYTHING to ease the stinging!, infact i often said "more cream PLEASE Daddy" and (as i couldn't remove my hands from my head) "PLEASE Daddy give it a REALLY good extra's soooo sore", which he did but my face was as red as my bottom!! still his hands rubbing it helped slightly so i enjoyed it too-nice and cool!, still it was sore for a good few days, first 4 nights i slept on my tummy. After my bottom being rubbed i said sorry and wanted a cuddle (i loved him a lot)...followed him everywhere!. You could always tell if i'de been naughty cause my bottom was smeared with white cream!. But i obeyed him and it worked a treat!.
14-Jul-09 8:11amReaper666
Yes I just assumed everyone who is now 35 plus had been given the strap or switch when they were younger. Now a days though you must "talk"to your child and ask them to do things. Like "can you go take a bath or please come in for dinner it's gettting dark out. My favorite though I have to say is the whole "time out" I just laugh when I hear my friens say that to there kids. My children were raised with that little bit of fear of gettin a beatin. I hate to say it but it works much better than"please stop jumping on the couch for the tenth time" Just one quick slap on the behid the first time they jump and wow they don't seem to do it again.
29-Nov-09 2:07pmcaragetsit
Yes. I usually got spanked with a paddle or hairbrush, but I got the strap a few times, mostly by mom but a couple times by dad. I got my last one at 15
1-Dec-09 2:53amAshbee
Despite so many campaigns against it, spanking is still highly prevalent across the world, so some people must think it's effective. The "News of the Lash" site ( has numerous real press clippings describing incidents of corporal punishment past and present.
16-Jan-10 6:48pmbadlittleboy2467
Once in a while I would get a leather strap across my bare bottom, good and hard.... it wasn't too many lashes, but they were hard enough to make sitting down uncomfortable for a little while... they got their point across, and as I got older, they got less... there is nothing wrong with strapping or paddling a bare bottom once in a while, when needed...
5-Mar-10 8:30pmSaraM
My Dad would take us to our room, lecture and explain to us why we were being punished, tell us to lay on the bed (and sometimes pull our pants down) and give us a few whips with the belt. Hard spanks but not like where it would leave marks or anything. Then he would give us some time then come back and talk to us and tell us all was forgiven.
9-May-10 2:37pmElena
yes and it stung like hell and made my cry like a baby but I learned to be well-behaved
13-May-10 3:33pmhelppp
yes twice my mom said one time i wouldnt drink my medicine and i spit it in her face and she was allergic to it she didnt spank me my dad did he came up behind me pulled down my pants a gave me 2 swats
30-Mar-11 6:50pmdmyoung
Yes, both I and my brother and sister got the strap (my dad's belt) when were were kids. Both my parents knew how to use it, and did, and threatened us frequently with the strap if we didn't behave. My mom was off balance mentally and could fly into violent rages at times. I remember being bruised on one of these occasions when she strapped me for getting snow on my coat. Clearly being spanked with a belt as a kid has left me bitter! I can honestly say that getting the strap when I was growing up did much more harm than good. No good came from it whatsoever. It's a good thing that beating your children is not acceptable in society today. Frankly, I think it should be illegal in both the home and school.
27-Jun-11 2:37pmcarasobuf
Ours was an old tool belt with the tool pockets and tabs removed...leather and doubled over, about 2 inches wide. We also called ours "the strap", too. It was reserved for serious offenses, like lying, and most times we got the hairbrush or the ping pong paddle - and all spankings were given on bare bottom
29-Oct-11 5:18pmmike99960604
I got hit with almost anything you can imagine- switch, cane, belt, strap, extension cord, rubber sole, bicycle pump hose, you name it. Whether I was raw, clothed, or in undies was decided by how impatient my rents were at the time to start inflicting pain. When I was 16 I took the car for a joyride- worst spanking/double switch
4-Jan-12 1:48amPatToomey
Lots of times with the doubled belt from mom
5-Dec-12 5:24pmsaucygurl
Lots of times. The one time I remember was when I was 14 and got caught smoking. I was disrespectful to my aunt by calling her by her first name and said oh its not that f**kin bad. Her exact words were "you young lady have a very dirty mouth for smoking, swearing and disrespecting your elders, you are acting unladylike." I got a dozen whacks with the leather strap for swearing and being disrespect and for smoking- I was given 1 Tablespoon of castor oil, smoke a menthol cigarette, take 1 more Tablespoon of castor oil and smoke another menthol cigarette. I puked my guts out after that. I never disrespected or swore in my aunt's presence again and never touched another cigarette after all that. When my aunt informed my mom about the whole incident I was grounded and had to do chores every day for two weeks. Weekends I was up,washed and dressed by 6.15 downstairs by 6.30 for breakfast by 7 I was washing the breakfast dishes and starting the day's chores. The strapping, castor oil and the grounding along with the 2 weeks of daily chores had corrected my misbehavior's.
24-Jun-13 8:02amcarsrus
U bet! Me and my 3 bros got the razor strop, which hangs in the woodshed! Still in use today on 3rd generation "bad boys". It stung and left 3 inch wide welts down our butt cheeks!
25-Jun-13 5:29amLysannus
Nope, if anything it was the size 12 boot to the backside. I can only remember that a couple times, even though I was pretty wild in my younger days.
25-Jun-13 8:30amFordGuy
4-Jul-13 9:54amJessicaWoman99
Yes our dad he would chase us kids around the house and hit us with his belt it hurt like hell ouch and ouch
(reply to Bilateralkitty)
4-Jul-13 10:04am
My dad back when we were kids he would take off his belt and beat the crap out of us as he chased us around the house we were Christians went to church every Sunday but that hurt like hell and it sucked
13-Jul-13 7:49pmZang
We were spanked. There was no licking involved.
3-Jan-16 3:01amRosie35
I sure did in the basement after a lecture 50 lashes
3-Jan-16 3:07amRosie35
I was an only child my parents were older my father was from England disapline was very serious there. My mother washed my mouth out with soap a few times and hit me with the hairbrush but my father did the whipping my mother would say she needs a good thrashing.
3-Jan-16 5:14amautumnlight
No. My mum smacked us with her hand occasionally but I was never hit with an object. I think that's taking punishment too far.
14-Feb-16 11:15pmElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
Oh, yeah--that along with a switch (tree limb) and a fly swatter...and of course the open hand.
6-Sep-17 9:45amAussie_Cal
I only got the strap for the serious stuff that needed a big spanking, otherwise open hand or wooden spoon were used. It was a real strap though not a belt it was much larger and heavier. If the strap was used Id usually have to bend over a chair or desk and I'd cop 10+ heavy whacks. Boy they used to hurt even as a teenager.

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