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Have you ever barfed in someone's mouth?


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14-Nov-17 8:16pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
No. I don't think I've vomited anywhere but the toilet as an adult, and even that's been pretty rare.

Now I feel we need a ranking survey for which bodily fluids are most and least acceptable in the mouth.
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14-Nov-17 8:17pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Did you barf in someone's mouth after licking a slug for $10?
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14-Nov-17 8:46pm
they Survey Central Subscriber
smile I have never done either. I have only accidentally touched slugs.
14-Nov-17 8:52pmthey Survey Central Subscriber

I did make out with a guy after I barfed once though. I was like 17 and drunk at a party. He was the 90s version of a hipster, and he looked a little like the lead singer for Rage Against the Machine. He worked with all his roommates at this trendy grocery that is kind of local-famous (Jungle Jim's). I knew I needed to barf, so I ran out to the sidewalk while he called out that I shouldn't be in that neighborhood alone. I ran off and ralphed as I ran down the sidewalk. Then I went back in and smooched him good.
15-Nov-17 2:03pmbill
in 2017? Not yet.
17-Nov-17 3:24amLysannus
Ewwww. dead face
17-Nov-17 8:09amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Only my own.

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