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Describe your worst experience with regard to customer service?

This could be face to face or on the phone

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6-Jan-17 12:36pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
There are a few. Calling a place to ask about something in the store, and she had a snotty 'put upon' voice, like she had better things to do. One time I was talking to a doctor's office about setting up an appointment. She said "How about Saturday?" I said "No" and she said "YOU don't have to tell ME!!!" as if I said "NO!!!"

There have been crappy cashiers who questioned my purchases. I was buying a multi colored pen that I had been wanting. She questioned it as if it was a stupid impulse purchase. Another time I was buying a donut (back in college when I was underweight) and the cashier questioned why I'd be buying a donut rather than a salad or something. She was a lardo. Maybe take your own advice there, tubby?
6-Jan-17 1:01pmbill
I don't know about worst, but I had some bad experiences calling the IRS recently. Each of 3 times I called, there were very long waits on hold. The first call was to verify my identity. I just had to read parts of a return I'd submitted to them, like the name. They immediately said it didn't match (which is basically impossible). I tried to get them to recheck, but they refused and insisted that I must visit an IRS office in person (1 hour away from what I live). They then spent many minutes reading information about an IRS office near me, the hours, days they are open (it was near the holidays, so there were many exceptions). Then, they read that the office they were telling me to use had been closed (after reading off all that info about it). So, they picked another office and spent many more minutes reading info about that office. While they were talking, I did a quick search and found the info online, so luckily I didn't have to write it down. They also told me to fill out various forms and provide other info when I did visit the office. So, I visited the IRS office later that week and they agreed the name on the form matched. I didn't need any of those forms either. They told me the people on the phones may just say it doesn't match to end the call faster. grrr

Another time I called for a similar verification, it went fine. The person was patient and helpful and we managed to do the verification over the phone. Also, other questions were answered. And, he even transferred me to another department to get some further questions answered. But, then I got left on hold for like 2 hours until I eventually gave up. Not sure what happened, but I suspect they just lost track of me. It was about 5pm by that point. I called the next day. This time, after a long wait on hold, they said their computers were down until a date 10 days in the future and they'd be unable to answer any questions because of that.
6-Jan-17 6:29pmpaulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
I rather not say
7-Jan-17 12:30pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I can't recall, but I know I've had some dreadful ones.
7-Jan-17 4:31pmJessicaWoman99
Being very rude towards me and nasty as can be
9-Jan-17 4:29amCarlHalling
The London of the 1970s was a different place to how it is now. It was nowhere near as tourist friendly. Waterloo station today is replete with continental style baguette bars and cafes. back then though, it boasted at least one large bleak pub, a lot of homeless men, a subterranean barber. One day I ventured in for a haircut, and the barber took one look at me before his face curdled, and he announced of my hair: "It's a shocking mess!", before sourly setting about it with his scissors. Today, such bluntness would be unheard of, but they were different much tougher times, long before our own caring, sharing age.
9-Jan-17 6:29amLysannus
Had some problems with wally-world (wal-mart) which gets me fuming to this day even driving by one.
I will not set foot in another one ever.
And of course the unhelpful IRS department, which me and my SO go escorted out of.
They are clueless to the tax laws and do not care to help.
9-Jan-17 4:27pmcerealkiller
It's been years but it had to do with Sears. I've never shopped there since.
17-Jan-17 6:54amNitroeddy
With DirecTV who blatantly lied to me on numerous occasions. Before you ask why I keep it, it's the only TV service I can get where I live!
(reply to Nitroeddy)
17-Jan-17 7:47am
You can get Dish Network.

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