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What color wine do you like the best?

6I do not drink wine.
1I have something else to share.

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11-Mar-17 5:10pmJessicaWoman99
I do not drink wine or beer or any alcohol
11-Mar-17 10:24pmLindaH
White. The more it tastes like pears, the better.
12-Mar-17 5:27amCarlHalling
I don't drink wine, or any alcohol any longer; but I always liked red wine the best, boy do I miss it.
12-Mar-17 8:32pmGomezy3k
Since black wasn't an option, I will take red... Blood red.
13-Mar-17 8:35amFordGuy
Ford Blue of course.

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15-Mar-17 1:46pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Red. It changed after I had a kid; before that I much preferred white.
16-Mar-17 6:24amLysannus
Dry reds, occasionally a good dry white. Depending on what's for dinner.
Rose wines are just to delicate for me I like the bold flavored ones.
(reply to FordGuy)
17-Mar-17 8:41pm
What does that taste like? It should be offered with red and white wines (from the U.S.) on July 4th.
(reply to LindaH)
20-Mar-17 8:19am
I have no idea.. Didn't know they made it until this survey!

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