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Do you own a Christmas Wreath?

6Yes, I own a Christmas Wreath.
4No, I do not own a Christmas Wreath.
2I used to own a Chirstmas Wreath, but I no longer have it.
0What is a Chiristmas Wreath.
0I have something else to share.

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24-Dec-17 10:00pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
Nope. Never have. I think I have a couple ornaments in the shape of a wreath.
25-Dec-17 5:57amBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
No, I don't do Christmas decorations. I live alone, so there doesn't seem much point. I'm at my parents' right now. They have a tree up and have their Christmas cards displayed on their bookcases, but that's it.
25-Dec-17 8:17ambill
Not this year, but we had been getting one for years as a gift up until this year.
26-Dec-17 10:49amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I own one made out of glass ornaments. I also have a wire wreath form, though I've never made a wreath on it. I usually buy a fresh wreath or swag for the front door each December that gets tossed in the compost in January.
30-Dec-17 2:29pmJessicaRose
2-Jan-18 3:08pmcerealkiller
We have at least a dozen
18-Jan-18 10:42pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
Yes, and also a great big light up bow. I never have any idea where to put that thing.

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