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Can you rank the world's top languages in the right order?

There are 6,900 spoken languages. But 3 out of 7 billion people on Earth speak one of these 10 languages.
Without looking it up, put these languages in the right order of number of NATIVE speakers. 1 being the highest number of native speakers.


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11-Apr-15 7:16pmJessicaWoman99
Wish my neighbors could speak English but lots of Spanish speaking people and Russian and China and Japanese is this America????

(reply to JessicaWoman99)
11-Apr-15 7:22pm
Yes, that is America. The nation of immigrants. Don't let the 'indians' hear you complain about other nationalities living in the USA.
(reply to Maarten)
11-Apr-15 8:44pm
Ok it is what it is
(reply to JessicaWoman99)
11-Apr-15 9:29pm
You didn't know?
(reply to Maarten)
11-Apr-15 11:44pm
Um no I forgot I am living in another country or another planet
12-Apr-15 7:44ambill
I'd put Mandarin first, but then I'd guess languages from India but I have no idea about the breakdowns between the 3 listed. And, since it's split up into 3, they probably drop down the list more. Maybe English next, then Spanish? No idea about others or really in general. This is hopeless.
12-Apr-15 9:26amdab
Mandarin seems a pretty easy first place. Probably Hindi second and maybe English third. After that it's just guessing.
12-Apr-15 1:16pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I am completely guessing. I think Mandarin is likely the highest, since China has such a huge population and most speak it. India must be the next biggest in terms of population (maybe it's even higher?), but I think there's more fragmentation of languages there. But I ranked the 3 Indian languages as 2, 3, and 4. Then Arabic, Spanish, English, Russian, Portuguese, and Russian. But honestly I have no idea.
12-Apr-15 4:32pmMaarten
The top 10 in the right order.

The first number is the number of native speakers. The second number is the number of total speakers.

1. Mandarin 873 million - 1.3 billion
2. Hindi/Urdu 570 million - 970 million
3. Spanish 330 million - 550 million
4. English 328 million - 1.8 billion
5. Arabic 232 million - 260 million
6. Portuguese 220 million - 230 million
7. Bengali 203 million - 253 million
8. Russian 145 million - 300 million
9. Japanese 126 million - 130 million
10. Punjabi 109 million - 120 million

12-Apr-15 6:13pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
I cannot. I did some wild guessing instead.
17-Apr-15 11:32amZang
1. Mandarin
2. English
3. Spanish
4. Russian
5. Arabic
6. Japanese
7. Hindi
8. Punjabi
9. Bengali
10. Portuguese
16-Jun-15 4:33pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
Hey! Where's the choice for American??
16-Jun-15 4:36pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
> it is what it is

The mantra of idiots.

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