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What does the term "making love" mean to you?

Please explain what you think love is. Does the term making love make any sense to you? Can you really make love or is love something that just happens? Why do they call it "making love" anyway?


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23-May-00 11:15pmRichard
Love is telling people who they are. (ie. You are not the body, you are the soul).

Please chant:


23-May-00 11:21pmStrider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
Richard that is getting old and dumb plese stop.
23-May-00 11:43pmkirst
Making love is not the same as having sex. Making loves implies a strong emotional attachment to your partner, a "oneness"...

it's really difficult to know when it happens
24-May-00 7:41amguillem
Making love= sex + feelings.
24-May-00 9:51amILJ
Okay, there are four questions here. Taken in order...

1) Fudging.
2) Yes.
3) Yes.
4) Because they don't like to say "fudging."
24-May-00 1:37pmOscar
The term making love to me means more than simply having sex. I think it is intimate, passionate, and innocent sex between a married man and woman that truly love each other. At the risk of sounding corny, it is the "product of their love for each other."
24-May-00 4:58pmlion
Having to wash olive oil out of the sheets.
24-May-00 5:01pmZang
"Making Love" is having sex with someone you're in love with. I've never had any other kind of sex, but I can only imagine it must be a pretty empty experience.

If you don't know what love is, I feel sorry for you.

The word "make" in the phrase "make love" is not the same as the "make" in "make cookies", it is the same as the "make" in "make out", "make war", "make peace"...
24-May-00 5:04pmZang
I, for one, have no problem seeing the maha mantra on this site. Keep the faith Richard!
24-May-00 8:31pmmandy
Do I have to answer all those questions?

....nope...I don't.
25-May-00 12:13amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
i thought about answering this until i read the comment, then said naaaah........ you really don't want our opinion, you already have your mind made up!
25-May-00 12:45pmgilly
Making love is when your heart cums, too.
(reply to gilly)
25-May-00 2:44pm
26-May-00 1:51ammagbast
bumpin uglies
28-May-00 4:10amregis
depends on context, but generally sex type behavior between two or more people.
28-May-00 7:56pmjonathan
I like gilly's answer. smile My own definition is sex that has some nebulous (larger) amount of emotional content in comparison to the physical content than just plain fudging has.
30-May-00 6:47pmanonymous
Kiss, embrace, touch, feel, fly,
feel my body, feel the air, remember the feeling for days,
hands, warmth, relax, kissing, beeng kissed,
kiss, touch, embrace, beeing touched,
all together is making TOGETHER love.
1-Jun-00 1:00pmAndyroo
I don't know?? Why do ducks quack? Why is the sky blue? We could be here all day debating over these philosophical questions. It's just the way things are!
26-May-06 1:21ameloradanan
I'm tired & there are too many questions.
24-Apr-08 4:22pmaquawolfy
I think the term "making love" only refers to having sex. You can't literally MAKE love however so....... I don't know where the term came from.......
(reply to Richard)
24-Apr-08 4:23pm
6-Jul-08 8:38pmmidagehippie

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