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Have you laughed in 2018?

8Yes, I have laughed
2More a chuckle
0I have giggled
0It was more an uncontrolled, tear streaming belly laugh
0Some other description

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4-Jan-18 8:53pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Yes, several times. I've had three days in work so far in 2018 and although things are pretty hectic right now, there's been plenty to laugh about too. We have a close multidisciplinary team on my ward and a great mix of patients who can behave in rather unpredictable ways, with frequently hilarious results. There's a lot of black humour, but it keeps us going in the face of many frustrations and a lot of misery.
5-Jan-18 12:46pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Yes. I laugh pretty regularly.
7-Jan-18 12:00amthey Survey Central Subscriber
I laugh every day. Lots of times every day. Every kind of laugh.

I cry almost every day too, but mostly laughing.
8-Jan-18 7:42amCarlHalling
Yes, I have, with family, friends, and at various funny movies, I laugh most days, even while I might be crying inside.
11-Jan-18 7:40pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
Yes, quite a lot.

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