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You own a business and you have found out that your best employee is stealing, of the following options which describes best how you would handle it?

Caveat- the money/goods this employee is stealing is relatively not much

4Return of funds
2Suspension without pay
1Instant dismissal
0Suspension with pay
0Involve the police

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4-Jan-18 9:05pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Unless there were significant mitigating factors, I would think that would have to be instant dismissal. It would be different if we were talking about something they may not consider to be stealing, like using the office printer for personal stuff, or helping themselves to somebody else's teabags that were stored in a communal area, or taking home out of date food that can't be sold. In those cases, a warning would be more in order. But if we're talking about someone who is working in a supermarket and swiping an in-date chicken and bag of potatoes every week for their Sunday lunch, then I would think dismissal would be the most likely outcome.
5-Jan-18 12:48pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I think I would probably give a warning if it was the first time. But I'm not sure. It might also depend on the person's circumstances and my overall sense of their personality.
9-Jan-18 6:57pmCarlHalling
All trust would be destroyed, how could they continue working for me? I'd certainly not involve the police, but I'd gently suggest they took a lot of time off, like decades. If they could prove they were truly contrite, I'd consider a second chance, but after a period of suspension without pay.
18-Jan-18 10:44pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
Depends. If he was usually very honest but this year his wife got laid off and his kid needs an electrocardiogram, I might be a little soft on the poor fella.

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