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You are to be executed, describe your last meal?

3It would be.....

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5-Jan-18 8:05ambill
Chicken Parmigiana and Tiramisu
5-Jan-18 12:49pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I don't think I'd be able to eat if I knew I was about to be executed.
5-Jan-18 6:53pmcerealkiller
White Castle burgers, Chicago pizza, Italian beef sandwich, potato wedges with ranch dressing, Coke and banana cream pie.
8-Jan-18 7:40amCarlHalling
It depends when I'm eating, if the day of the execution, perhaps just a few snacks, and lots of freshly made coffee with milk.
9-Jan-18 10:39amFordGuy
Red cabbage and sausage.
10-Jan-18 9:10pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
Spaghetti and meatballs, with a bit of Life Magic immortality tonic.
12-Jan-18 3:02pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
I don't think I could eat.

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