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Which, if any, of the following kitchen items do you own?

12Rolling pin
9Cookie cutters
9Cooling rack
9Pizza cutter
7Fruit bowl
6Bundt pan
5Cookie jar
5Garlic press
5Kitchen scale
5Knife block
5Springform pan
3Bread box
3Melon baller
2Punch bowl
1Meat grinder
0None of the above

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17-Dec-17 5:15amBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Most of the general purpose things, few of the single function things.
17-Dec-17 8:53pmjettles Survey Central Subscriber
Everything but a meat grinder, bread box or garlic press.
19-Dec-17 1:17pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Cookie cutters, cookie jar, cooling rack, corkscrew, fruit bowl, knife block, ladle, peppermill, rolling pin, springform pan, teapot, and wok. I used to have a garlic press, but I would rather chop garlic with a knife than clean out a garlic press, so I got rid of it.
20-Dec-17 9:29amCarlHalling
None of these; although I do have a can opener, which I never use.
21-Dec-17 12:38pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
Cookie cutters (somewhere), fruit bowl (it was my grandma's), garlic press, ladle, pepper mill (never use it, but my dad gave it to me), rolling pin (haven't used it in 17 years), teapot (my daughter's).

I'm not big on gadgets. I don't want any of these other things on here either.
21-Dec-17 7:33pmJessicaRose
Cookie jar
Pizza cutter
Rolling pin
Knife block
Garlic press
Fruit bowl
Bundt pan
and a whole lot more in my family kitchen

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