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Name a famous fast food restaurant.


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26-Sep-17 5:37amCarlHalling
Wimpy; there was a time, it was the most visible fast food restaurant in the UK I'd say; which meant kids, like me, loved it, even though I suspect my parents weren't so keen. I was eating there as recently as the 1980s, although today, there are only 80 Wimpy restaurants in the UK.
26-Sep-17 7:10amFordGuy
Arf & Barf
26-Sep-17 10:17ampaulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
Burger King
26-Sep-17 1:29pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
26-Sep-17 3:10pmTeddyMiller
26-Sep-17 9:14pmdab
Burger King
27-Sep-17 2:55pmcerealkiller Survey Qualifier
27-Sep-17 8:02pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
White Castle.

Kind of like the way that people sometimes pronounce Target like it's french, people here sometimes say Whitey Cassell's instead.
29-Sep-17 2:58amLysannus
Taco Bell
Burger King
3-Oct-17 1:18amStrider Survey Central Gold Subscriber Survey Qualifier
(reply to they)
4-Oct-17 9:06pm
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
I say Target on the nicer side of town that French sounding way. I call the Target on the 'iffy' side of town "Targhetto"
5-Oct-17 2:07amkayemmdee New User
The obvious response is the one with the golden arches, so I'll say Jersey Mike's Subs instead.
(reply to LindaH)
7-Oct-17 8:41am
they Survey Central Subscriber
We have a 'Ghetto Kroger' and a 'Ghetto Walmart'. grin
14-Oct-17 1:59pmJessicaRose Bronze Star Survey Creator
McDonald's my favorite

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