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Have you ever walked a dusty road on a breezy day and got grit in your hair?

5Not that I recall

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12-Sep-17 7:47amFordGuy Bronze Star Survey Creator
Absolutely, I grew up on a gravel road.
12-Sep-17 8:29amCarlHalling
I used to walk along a dusty road in Spain, when I used to vacation there some decades ago now, but I don't recall getting any grit in my hair, which doesn't mean there wasn't any, simply that have no recollection of it. Now if grit had gotten in my eyes, that I would have noticed.
12-Sep-17 12:17pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
12-Sep-17 1:41pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Probably,but not that I noticed. What I have noticed are the times I've walked along a dusty road on a breezy day and got grit in my eye. Grit in my hair sounds much more pleasant than that!
15-Sep-17 2:48amLysannus
In the hair doesn't bother me as much as in the eyes.

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