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Name a famous police officer.


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16-Aug-17 1:25pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Biggles was a (fictional) police officer in his later career, running the Air Police out of Scotland Yard.
16-Aug-17 1:33pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
Officer Krupke.
16-Aug-17 1:50pmFordGuy

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16-Aug-17 2:12pmjettles Survey Central Subscriber
Dick Tracy
16-Aug-17 2:58pmcerealkiller
Sheriff Arpaio
16-Aug-17 5:53pmdab
Barney Fife
17-Aug-17 11:46ambill
Frank Poncherello
17-Aug-17 3:24pmJessicaRose
Andy Griffith
17-Aug-17 4:00pmLysannus
Got nothing for this one
5-Sep-17 1:09pmJessicaWoman99
On Live-PD A&E there is a police officer in Arizona Todd Poole he is very famous and well known

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