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What do you regularly hang around your neck?

8I don't regularly hang anything around my neck
5A necklace/chain
2A scarf
2A camera
1A choker
1A lanyard
1A stethoscope
0A tie
0Military dogtags
0A whistle
0Something else
0Other answer

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5-Sep-17 12:17pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I always have a necklace on.
5-Sep-17 3:54pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
A stethoscope everyday in work. A scarf if it's cold outside in Winter. I don't do jewellery.
6-Sep-17 6:59amFordGuy Bronze Star Survey Creator
Nothing! smile
(reply to FordGuy)
6-Sep-17 1:44pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Well, that should really have been an option!
6-Sep-17 3:13pmcerealkiller
My chain and medical dogtag. Never take it off.
(reply to FordGuy, Biggles)
6-Sep-17 3:27pm
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Oh wait, it was. Sheesh. Not being sarky, really forgot I'd included that. It's been a long day...
7-Sep-17 3:00amLysannus
This depends what I am doing. Hiking it will always be a camera. Going out some type of necklace. Work nothing.
7-Sep-17 6:32amCarlHalling
Nothing, I don't wear any jewellery at all, not even a watch. In my time, I've hung a whole assortment of things around my neck, including several chains and medallions, or just chains on their own (there was a large military style cross once too), as well as scarves, bootlace ties, &c.; but that's all in the past, the encumbrance of something dangling there would bother me today. I'm totally spartan in my old age.
7-Sep-17 9:12ambill Survey Central Gold Subscriber
10-Sep-17 1:00pmthey Survey Central Subscriber
Necklaces, and a messenger-style laptop bag (if that counts).
10-Sep-17 10:28pmLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
A scarf in winter. Binoculars sometimes.
(reply to Biggles)
11-Sep-17 8:27am
FordGuy Bronze Star Survey Creator
It's all good! Beer

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