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EEEK! What's the last thing that scared you enough to react with a scream or yell?

If you participate, please indicate if you laughed afterward.

5I can't recall when this last happened to me.
4Just recently, I was scared and yelled out loud.
2Today I was frightened enough by something to yelp.
1It's been a long time since I've jumped at something.
1It's scary how this creator never provides the right answers. [OTHER:]
0I've never even been startled by something enough to react this way.

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16-May-17 12:32pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
The other day my toddler was goofing around on the couch and fell in a way that scared me so that I gasped (not really a yell or scream, but close). He was fine, and my husband's imperiled laptop was fine, too.
16-May-17 1:45pmJessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
I saw a spider on the floor eeek it scared the crap out of me
16-May-17 2:51pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
I am really not one to scream or yell. I'm much more likely to freeze or jump than make a sound. However, I was recently preparing a new duvet cover for use. This involved cutting the unmentionables off the bottom with some scissors. They were particularly nasty ones and I came up with an excellent system whereby I didn't have to touch them and I could snip them off straight into a zip-lock bag ready to seal and then throw away.

Except they didn't all understand that was the plan... poker face Some of them chose instead to go pinging through the air and then rain down upon me like vengeful demons from above. By the time the third or fourth had done this, I was in such a state of nervous horror that I'm pretty sure I did yelp when the next one went for me. I believe I called them a few choice words, giggled nervously, repressed the urge to vomit, and then banished them to the outside dustbin to await the bin men.

And then the duvet cover was the wrong blooming size for my bed...
16-May-17 3:09pmcerealkiller Survey Qualifier
Usually in my dreams 2-3 times a week but never remember why
17-May-17 6:02amCarlHalling
It's been a long, long time I screamed out of fear, but to my shame, I do know I screamed the last time I was on a roller coaster at what we call a Funfair in the UK way back in the 1980s. One thing is certain, I've not been back on one since that decade. For the most part though, sudden scares don't make me scream so much as propel me into some kind of action, like doing something about it, or making myself scarce.
17-May-17 8:56amFordGuy Survey Qualifier
I know it's happened, but I don't remember when or why.
18-May-17 6:39ambill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Gold Star Survey Creator
I suspect I didn't exactly scream or yell, but last week I was at the post office checking my PO Box and the postal clerk--who is a totally great person but also has a rather booming voice--spoke to me through the wall to tell me she had a package for me (part of what makes her great is that she'll do stuff like this to save me a lot of trouble). I jumped in my shoes since I had no idea she was so close to me (just on the other side of the wall of boxes, less than 2 feet away from me). We did laugh about it a little later.

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