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Is anything you own 'on its way out'?

Still usable, but getting so broken that it is one step to the heap.

2Not that I know of

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28-Apr-17 9:43pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Many (possibly most) of my clothes, including the summer coat that I've had for about 20 years
My settees - they'll go to the dump/Freecycle next time I move house
My stick blender which has a horrid electrical smell every time I use it
29-Apr-17 10:56ampaulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
Not anymore
29-Apr-17 12:34pmbill
Many things, off the top of my head: an old drill with a frayed cord, a chair I used to sit in and loved but the armrest started falling apart (I wrapped it with something then we moved it to a corner a few years ago and rarely use it, but still have it), cat condo (just started taking off the smelly top to replace that with something maybe), old slipper/shoes, old TiVOs, old computers that I should recycle (but that's tricky), wife's iPad has flaky wifi after many years, I have an old android tablet with a similar issue that I use for app development, a wheelbarrow that kept getting a flat tire. probably should have replaced the whole thing but I got a new tire for it that turned out to be too-big so I dented the barrow part to allow the tire to spin freely; still using it but it's not pretty. I could go on and on... I tend to like old things and feel wary of new things (which seem to often be not quite right or cost a lot, etc.)
29-Apr-17 2:28pmJessicaWoman99
Some clothes in my closets on the way to the thrift store
29-Apr-17 7:11pmCarlHalling
A lot of shower and shower head are in terrible bathtub and sink are both computer is horrifically glasses have been patched up multitudinous times...there's a broken drain outside my curtains are a pair of old vacuum cleaner is energy levels are at barely functional...
30-Apr-17 12:26pmLJD
Yes, but I hang on to it, till its demise. I presently have a washer and dryer, that is at least 15 years old. They still work, with a few quirks. I have new refrigerators, they will be here a while. I have a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis car, and love it. They don't make them anymore, but will keep it until its end.

My family calls me a tighwad in many ways, but why throw away something that has always been there for you? I have many things that are on the way out, but won't throw out, from little to big size..
1-May-17 1:07pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
I don't think so. We've replaced a lot of things in the house lately. Our car is old and has had some problems, but it seems to be running fine right now.
2-May-17 9:26amFordGuy
Yeah, my weed whipper.
3-May-17 2:34pmcerealkiller
My DeWalt cordless hammer drill. Smokes when I use it usually.
3-May-17 3:08pmTeddyMiller
The Indiglo light up on my watch stopped working, so I ordered a new watch.
8-May-17 2:29amLysannus
Couch. So what that it is threadbare and looks like it has been around since the dark ages (close but not quite), it is soooo comfy.
10-May-17 8:36pmGomezy3k
My cars

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