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Have you ever booped a snoot?

According to urban dictionary: Providing a boop to another being's nose or snout (stylized as snoot), preferably in a gentle or affectionate manner. Often, this is something one feels the need to do to cute animals.

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1Not that I recall
0I don't understand this.

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28-Apr-17 7:32amRainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
Yes. I work in a daycare. Toddlers run up to me and ask for a 'boop' regularly. I love my job :D
28-Apr-17 1:04pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
28-Apr-17 8:13pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Small children, yes. Animals, not as far as I can remember.
30-Apr-17 12:17pmLJD
6-May-17 1:58pmJessicaWoman99
10-May-17 8:37pmGomezy3k
Yes quite often...
21-May-17 2:35pmZang
Yes. I like to press the noses of small children and make an old-fashioned car horn noise: Aa-oo-gah. They will invariably press mine and get the same noise. This loses something by the age of four or five.
(reply to Zang)
26-Jun-17 7:12pm
they Survey Central Subscriber
The way I played it with my daughter was that her nose created a higher pitched beep beep, while mine produced a lower pitched honk honk. smile

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