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How many bank accounts do you have?

Please count any money-related or financial, investment accounts you have.

1More than 10

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31-Mar-17 8:21amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
31-Mar-17 8:47amFordGuy
Two. One personal, and one for my business.
31-Mar-17 9:50ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
I heard the term "unbanked" recently. Then, thought how strange it is that some people don't have bank accounts. Then, how strange it is that I think that; how indoctrinated I am in the concept of banks.
31-Mar-17 10:19amLysannus
Don't you have to have money to have a bank account?

I have 1 for writing checks / online payments and only keep enough in it for that purpose.
The rest is not anyplace big brother can get their fingers on it easily.
(reply to Lysannus)
31-Mar-17 10:30am
Cash is king!
31-Mar-17 12:52pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
10, including all accounts that I'm a joint holder of or that I have access to and own part of through my spouse.
1-Apr-17 6:55amthey Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
Um. I don't really know what counts, but I have a pension which is about to roll into an IRA, we have SO's 401k, two savings accounts, and a checking. I didn't count credit accounts, and I don't think we have any more rando 401ks lying about anymore. So, that is five.
1-Apr-17 7:38amCarlHalling
I have one bank account, same one I've had for over three decades.
1-Apr-17 4:16pmJessicaWoman99
Just one bank account
2-Apr-17 2:30pmGomezy3k
More than 1 and less than 100...
(reply to FordGuy)
2-Apr-17 7:04pm
16-Apr-17 8:08amBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Two: one savings, one current. I used to be very financially switched on, but I haven't really been sensible about my savings since starting work as a doctor. I just don't feel I have the time to investigate my options properly. It's just not been a priority as I spend relatively little of my disposable income and I've always been able to save/have never been in debt with anything except my student loans. I'm very lucky to be financially secure now, but if I don't improve my habits then I may well be pushing my eventual retirement back unnecessarily.

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