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Is it possible to make the world a better place?


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30-Mar-17 10:58amEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
30-Mar-17 11:25amFordGuy
The world? Probably not. My world, most certainly.
30-Mar-17 4:54pmjettles Survey Central Subscriber
Yes, but we in the US are not headed in that direction it seems.........
31-Mar-17 6:26amLysannus
No unless this question pertains only to ones self.
If I make it a better place for me then I am sure others will not find it a better place.
About all that can happen is it is mostly better for the largest mass of folks, but that just doesn't seem to happen.
A few squeaky wheels with lots of money and lobbing power seem to make the majority of the rules that the masses do not like.
31-Mar-17 11:04ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
Sometimes it's interesting to ask a question that seem like there's only one obvious answer to and see if any disagree. I had heard this expression used in a political sense, implying that people that don't think it's possible to make the world better have been having an influence on politics recently. Or, to say that another way, a good number of voters have stopped believing it's possible to make the world better.

I enjoy being pessimistic and even indulge in apocalyptic thinking from time to time, but there's mountains of evidence that the world has steadily gotten better over the years and continues to do so. Sure, it's not perfect and there are many bad things still happening. But, there is less of the bad things and more of the good as time goes on. It's not just possible for the world to be a better place, it's happening on many fronts all the time.
31-Mar-17 11:52amFordGuy
It's a matter of perspective, Bill. Well I think anyway. I'd rather live in the early 1900's where I only had my horse, my gun, and what my hard work would earn me. No electronics, no internet, no constant rain of 'news & information.' If everyone staring at the phone is better, then I'm not really looking forward to an improvement. If that makes any sense.
1-Apr-17 6:57amthey Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
Yes, I feel like I'm making the world a better place every time I'm out in it, interacting with it.
1-Apr-17 7:29amCarlHalling
Morally better, no, at least, not the world as a whole. I do believe, however, that much good can flourish within individual nations, because in every country there are individuals who work every hour God sends them to improve the lives of others, such as doctors, nurses, teachers, care workers, paramedics, and so on. I never cease to be amazed at how kind people can be (or the opposite of course). However, I don't believe that in the long term the world will change for the better. That said, it's not necessarily on the brink of major decline. Maybe next millennium...:)
1-Apr-17 4:17pmJessicaWoman99
Yes maybe
2-Apr-17 2:31pmGomezy3k
Yes, by lining up all the liberals and having mass executions.
3-Apr-17 2:07amLJD
ONLY with God's instructions
4-Apr-17 3:36pmJessicaWoman99
Someday the U.S. might end up in a nuclear war with other countries the way things are going at this time
6-Apr-17 3:46pmCedd913
If all the crimals were not living
(reply to Cedd913)
7-Apr-17 5:33am
Ugh no, zombie criminals.
That would cover most all government officials.
Ohh but that means we could kill them all smile , unless the wackjobs came out saying zombies have rights too. Kill the wackjobs also.
Yes that would be a big step to a better world.

22-Apr-17 12:42pmsouthernyankee
Yes, the world is constantly getting better overall everyday. I think we brought down world hunger by like 50% over the last 20 years. So thats kinda a huge deal.
(reply to Cedd913, Lysannus)
23-Apr-17 9:37pm
If people committing random and violent crimes were gone (people victimizing the innocent, etc) it would be better. I kind of think some certain instances of crimes are actually good for society. Someone assaults another person but technically it wasn't self defense because there was no direct threat - the assault (or other form of retaliation) was to put an end to an ongoing nuisance. Technically a crime, but a righteous one. I think 'righteous retaliation' (if it isn't excessive) should be a legal defense if the goal is to stop a person who is making a nuisance of him or herself.
26-May-17 4:25ammikeypro
I really think I know a way to stop all crimes I have a couple of inventions in my head just need the resources

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