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Is it okay to move the cup?

You have your paperwork strewn across a table. There are plenty of empty tables for others to use. Someone enters the room and sets their full coffee cup on your table, next to your papers. Then they turn right around and start walking toward and talking to the person at the desk a few feet away. (It's safe to assume they will come back for their coffee.) Is it okay to pick up their cup and put it on an empty table next to yours?

1I don't know

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7-Mar-17 7:15pmJessicaWoman99
Yes why not it is ok in my opinion
8-Mar-17 6:14amLysannus
If they were unknown to me and not coming to help then it would go like this:
'A table full of papers and this idiot sets their FULL coffee cup on my table.
Hello garbage can would you like this nice cup of coffee <klunk>'
Enough other empty tables, put your crap there.
8-Mar-17 7:02amFordGuy
I would do it in a heart beat, so it's okay in my mind. Maybe not in theirs...
8-Mar-17 7:52ambill Bronze Star Survey Creator
As OK as it was for that person to put their cup on the table you were clearly using.
8-Mar-17 12:31pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
It's ok, especially if it's at all in your way, though if it's not really bothering you then it's more polite to just leave it. If they don't come back for it before it goes cold, though, then it's fine to do whatever you want with it.
8-Mar-17 6:14pmCarlHalling
it depends if you want to impress them, if so, then best to leave the cup, if on the other hand, you don't care about their opinion of you in fact you don't much care for them at all, move the cup to shame them for imposing on your personal space.
9-Mar-17 11:09amFordGuy
Speaking of which, if the cup dropper were a super hot female, I might let it slide. Beer
9-Mar-17 3:31pmjettles Survey Central Subscriber
of course...
12-Mar-17 5:00amBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
It would come off as a bit aggressive, I think.
12-Mar-17 8:29pmGomezy3k
Hell yes...
(reply to Biggles)
12-Mar-17 9:32pm
I guess some people could perceive it that way if they are possessive of their stuff.
14-Mar-17 1:12pmLJD
15-Mar-17 7:36amFordGuy
If it were this cup, I might be inclined to leave it. laughing out loud

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(reply to FordGuy)
16-Mar-17 6:26am
Or acquire it? wink
(reply to Lysannus)
16-Mar-17 7:46am
Evil minds think alike!

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