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Does death bring peace or suffering?

6Death brings peace.
3Death bring suffering.

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6-Mar-17 4:41pmBiggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
Both. The person who has died is no longer suffering but the people who cared for them usually are. I don't believe the person who died is at peace either (because they are no longer experiencing anything) but their death may bring peace to those who witnessed their suffering.
7-Mar-17 5:57amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
Peace in my mind.
7-Mar-17 7:03amLysannus
My thought on this is it depends on person. Were they bad or good.
Only thing for certain is that death removes any pain and worries of this world.
7-Mar-17 6:01pmJessicaWoman99
Death brings peace not suffering for you are finally at peace
8-Mar-17 7:03amFordGuy
It depends. If someone's life is taken unexpectedly in an accident, it can bring a lot of suffering. If someone has lived their lives, and die 'naturally' then I think it brings peace.
8-Mar-17 12:33pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
It brings both, depending on whom you're talking about.
9-Mar-17 8:12pmthey Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
Both of course.
12-Mar-17 8:30pmGomezy3k
Death brings peace, especially when I kill all those who make me suffer...
(reply to Gomezy3k)
13-Mar-17 2:13pm
positive well said!
13-Mar-17 5:35pmNitroeddy
It brings peace to the one who's dead!
22-Apr-17 12:40pmsouthernyankee
Suffering. Unless, like absolutely no one likes you.
(reply to Gomezy3k, southernyankee)
23-Apr-17 9:42pm
Some nutjob was randomly killing people in pairs in Anchorage last year (except in one instance he only killed one person). When he died in a shootout with police, the town became a little more peaceful. One more violent turdbucket off the streets.
21-May-17 6:48pmZang

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