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Is there is vanity in charity?


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6-Mar-17 5:54pmLindaH
Sometimes, for some people. Not for everyone
6-Mar-17 9:02pmStrider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
Only if you seek it
7-Mar-17 5:57amjettles Survey Central Subscriber
I guess there can be. If someone is vain, it can be a part of anything they do.
7-Mar-17 7:06amLysannus
To some extent, unless the charity is given anonymously. Then the giver is not looking for recognition from others.
7-Mar-17 2:10pmCarlHalling
There can be, but it's easy to be cynical about it, until you are desperate for it, and it comes your way.
8-Mar-17 7:04amFordGuy
Of course there is.
8-Mar-17 12:34pmEnheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
As with anything, there can be. But it's not necessarily so.
9-Mar-17 8:18pmthey Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
As a person who often posts on social media about being charitable, this feels like an accusation laughing out loud.

It is hard to encourage others to be charitable by example without seeming at least a little bit vain, I guess("Look what I did!").

I don't think it's vanity, but being charitable does make me feel good. My mental health benefits from it. My fiance jokes that it is how I buy happiness.
12-Mar-17 8:29pmGomezy3k
Sure why not

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